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300g Fresh D88 新鲜小甜甜榴莲
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D88 is a rare breed Durian! It has a dry and firm texture, bright yellow flesh. Don't be confused of it's thick & firm flesh, it is not unripe! Often sweet but a slightly bit of bitter taste after! 


Gold Thon's Durian are freshly collected from farm daily and to be delivered on the same day.

What's the best? It's hand picked for quality assurance!

We use vacuum pack to to ensure that it's aroma is fully kept & it's freshness is fully maintained.

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D88(小甜甜)是罕见的小名种榴莲! D88是干包榴莲,肉质饱满厚实,鲜黄色果肉。 也因为它天生果肉厚实,很多人误以为它生番薯,它不是哦 smiley D88偏甜,但之后回甘时带点苦味!





enlightened较偏远以外的地区如巴生港口/ 雪邦/ 龙溪/ 万津/ 适耕庄/ 瓜拉冷岳县 / 本查阿南/ 瓜拉雪兰莪县 / 乌鲁雪兰莪县/ 沙白安南县,需额外付运费。下单时,请选择相关的邮费,否则我们将有权取消您的订单。若您不确定该区的邮费,下单前,请先跟我们确认







1. How many pulps per tray?
yes There's about 4-6 pulps per tray, according to the size and weight of durian seedpulps.


2. If 300g of durian seedpulps is equivalent to how many KGs of whole durian?
yes It is about 1.2-1.5kg of whole durian.


3. Where are your durians from?
yes Our durians are freshly delivered from Raub and Johor.


4. Are the durians quality guaranteed?
yes As we mentioned, our durians are freshly delivered from the farm. At point of times if durians are not up to your expectation, do let us know! You will need to share us the proof of photos & videos in within 24 hours upon receiving, necessary actions will be taken.


5. How do you keep your durians fresh?
yes Our durians are opened, packed and delivered on the same day. We uses vacuum pack technology to make sure that the durians are kept fresh.


6. How long can we keep the fresh durians in the refrigerator?
yes We would say you can keep it for 3-4 days in the chiller. You may also opt to store it in the freezer for a maximum of 2 months.

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