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300g Frozen IOI (D168) 冷冻红肉榴莲
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yes 20 years of hand picked experience 20年去壳严选经验

yes Vacuum packed to retain its ultimate aroma & freshness 真空包装,锁住榴莲香味不外流

Why IOI?

Often confused with D101, Durian IOI has a strong, fruity flavour, with orange yellow flesh. Easily opened, the flesh of Durian IOI is firm, sweet and creamy, tasting slightly bitter to some.

Taste & texture varies among individuals.


Defrost Method:

Defrost Method 1: Room Temperature

•Defrost it under room temperature for 1 hour and consume it immediately.


Defrost Method 2: Hot Water

•Do not peel off the plastic film, pour hot water onto the tray and leave it for 10mins. Rinse out the water and open the plastic film, leave the tray for another 15 minutes before consuming.


Defrost Method 3: Microwave Oven

•Peel off the plastic film, set “defrost mode” from the microwave and defrost for 2-3mins & then consume immediately.


FREE Gold Thon's exclusive Cooler Bag x 1

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解冻方法1: 室温解冻



解冻方法2: 热水解冻

•不要打开包装,把热水狠狠地倒在盒子上,10分钟后把水倒掉! 然后把包装打开,放一个15分钟后就可以开始吃!


解冻方法3: 微波炉解冻

•使用万能的微波炉! 打开包装,选择解冻模式,2-3分钟后就可以一开始吃吃吃吃吃!


免费赠送1个 精美保温袋!

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