About Us

We begin in 1986 as an agricultural paradise business located at Batu Pahat, Johor and owned one of the largest Durian farm in Malaysia. Beside Durian, we also plant other tropical fruits like Mangosteen, Rambutan & Jackfruit. Our Durian farm is awarded MyGAP (Malaysia Good Agriculture Practice) certification, a recognition for stringent quality control in agricultural produce. We’re utilizing organic fertilizer widely on durian tree. The durian tree aged more than 20 years with wide range varieties such as D-197 (Mao Shan Wang), Golden Pheonix, Kim Luang (Khanghai), D101, D88, D13, D24 and etc.


Top Fruits is a fast growing frozen fruit manufacturer specialized in frozen Durian export. We also export other tropical fruits like Mangosteen which is known as “Queen of Fruits”, recognised for its high value in antioxidant features, while Honey Jackfruit is well-known for its sweet-honey taste. Top Fruits factory is well equipped with hi-tech state-of-art facilities; which adopt HACCP & GMP program in practice to comply with international demand standard, this achievement propelled us to ensure stringent quality manufacturing standard.


Top Fruits factory is strategically built close to the fruit plantation to ensure that raw material harvested from farm can be effectively transport to factory for further processing, cleaning and packing, this could ensure fruit freshness is preserved.


In year 2014, Top Fruits acquired 2nd factory located at Selangor industrial area, these enable all import & export administrations work to be conducted smoothly as it is strategically located nearby to the major hub of financial institutions and government offices. 


Gold Thon is a brand under Top Fruits, established in the year of 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


The brand’s key focus is to deliver top quality Durians to local Malaysian. Our end goal is to collect, package and deliver the best Durian directly from our farm on the same day.


More than that, we have been launching different product ranges continuously, from snacks till pastries!


Gold Thon is now available at Hong Kong, Taiwan, China & Australia and more to comes!