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<HALAL> Chocolate Durian Swiss Roll 巧克力榴莲瑞士卷
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Chocolate Durian Swiss Roll

We don't only have Chocolate Freeze Dried Durian, we are now introducing Chocolate Durian Swiss Roll!


Have a look at the rich layer of Chocolate outer layer, with it's soft and fluffy sponge cake under, combo-ing it with Gold Thon's durianlicious filling, SYOK ah!


100% handmade, 100% fresh, Zero Preservatives, Zero Colourings, Zero Flavourings.


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除了巧克力榴莲干, 我们为你带来了新产品 - 巧克力榴莲瑞士卷!


你看一看外层浓郁的黑巧克力,松软的巧克力海绵蛋糕,再搭配上Gold Thon的榴莲夹心, 绝!


百分百新鲜, 存手工制作,新鲜果泥制造,无任何添加物。





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