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Gold Thon Article
Musang King or Mao Shan Wang (D197) 猫山王
The ultimate Malaysian specialty with bittersweet, rich and creamy texture that you would taste again and again!

Hurry, order Fresh Musang King durian from us today. We not only deliver to Klang Valley, we can deliver across entire Peninsular Malaysia too!
Durian Cream Custard Sandwich (Tiger Stripe) 双层虎纹榴莲吉斯蛋糕
Guaranteed that you never had such amazing cake ever.

The tiger stripe is made by generous amount of egg yolks that creates the intense yolky and creamy aroma.

Durian custard is made with 100% fresh durian paste with no flavourings, no preservatives and no durian essence.

So, sit back and relax, let us deliver to your doorstep.
Customer Reviews
Siti Munirah
Taste like dark chocolate and I love it!
5 November 2021