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Premium Fresh Musang King Durian Online Delivery Malaysia

Durian Online Delivery Malaysia

Explore durian which could bring you the journey of smashingly delicious taste. We pride ourselves on durian delivery which give you the exceptional durian craving experience. You could eat it as soon as you get it home or any property as you know we strive to make you get the durian delivery anywhere.

When it comes to durian, always the complex aromatics and cream texture that come out to your mind. However, Gold Thon Durian want to add more definition on durian by creating more and more durian related product to surprise you the whole new durian world. Look at Gold Thon Durian to find out how we can turn durian into different magic for you to eat or even enjoy it!

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Premium Fresh Durian

Gold Thon has more than 30 years of hand-picked experience for quality assured. Our durians are freshly collected from own farm daily and to be delivered on the same day. We vacuum packed our Durians to retain its ultimate aroma & freshness. 


Our durian species including durian Musang King D197, durian Sultan King D24, durian XO, durian Golden Phoenix D198, durian Ganghai D208, durian Golden Bun D13, durian Black Thorn D200 and more.


Musang King Durian Malaysia

Musang King durians are medium to large fruits, averaging 2 to 4 kilograms, and generally have an oval to slightly lopsided shape with a long stem. The surface is covered in large, pyramidal spikes that are wide and spaced apart, and the spikes range in variegated hues of yellow, brown, tan, to green. Musang King durians also have visible, vertical seams connecting a flat crown surrounding the stem to a distinct five-point, brown star on the bottom of the fruit. The spikes typically point away from the seams, and the star, seams, and angular spikes are distinguishing features of the variety as Musang King is often counterfeited. Underneath the surface, the husk can be cut and torn open to reveal a white, spongy interior, encasing multiple thick lobes of flesh in chambers. Each bright yellow lobe has a wrinkled appearance with a semi-firm skin, containing a soft, creamy, dense, and smooth, paste-like consistency. Within the flesh, there are also narrow and flat, small red-brown seeds. Musang King durians have a sulfuric-sweet scent, considered less pungent than other durian varieties, and a rich, candy-sweet flavor with hints of ginger, tropical fruits, and garlic.


D24 Durian Malaysia

Durian D24 which is also known as Durian Sultan is one of the most popular durian clone in Malaysia. Durian D24 owned the throne before Musang King became popular. Although not as prestigious as Musang King, D24 durian is still one of the most sought after in Malaysia.


Enjoy your favourite durian be it Musang King, D24, D198, D208 or any durian available with your family and friends – On Time with Gold Thon Durian today!