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Premium Fresh Tropical Fruits Online Delivery Malaysia

Premium Fresh Fruits Delivery

Gold Thon bring you the Premium Farm Fresh fruits to your doorstep. Our farmers will handpick and harvest the fresh nutritious fruits and deliver to our warehouse on daily basis. Our fruits expert will then select the Premium Farm Fresh fruits and deliver to your doorstep. Gold Thon offer wide ranges of Tropical fruits as your healthy companion while you are resting at home or working ruthlessly in office.

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Premium Fresh Tropical Fruits

Malaysian fruits are all basically tropical fruits and they are so unique and tasty aka you should not, under no conditions miss out on it. Get excited about Malaysian tropical fruits. If you miss one thing from Malaysia the most is the uniqueness of these fruits and how great they taste. Although not all of them are available in all seasons, most of them can be found throughout the year. Here are a few ones, you should definitely try:

Fresh Tropical Fruits Malaysia


Papayas grow in tropical climates and are also known as papaws or pawpaws. Their sweet taste, vibrant color, and the wide variety of health benefits they provide make them a popular fruit.

Though this fruit is native to the tropics of the Americas, this import has flourished in Malaysia, with the climate and soil conditions perfect for its growth. Its fruit is a deep orange with a smooth texture and moist, honey-flavoured flesh.

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Fresh Tropical Fruits Malaysia


Red banana also known as Dhaka Banana, it is less popular but is rare and much high nutrition than yellow bananas.

They’re soft and have a sweet flavour when ripe. Some people say they taste like a regular banana — but with a hint of raspberry sweetness. They’re often used in desserts but pair well with savoury dishes, too.

Like yellow bananas, red bananas provide essential nutrients. The Red banana has more beta carotene and Vitamin C than yellow banana varieties. All bananas contain three natural sources of sugar: sucrose, fructose, and glucose, making them a source of instant and sustainable energy.

With a soft and creamy texture, a perfect way to cook red bananas is to use them in your desserts or baked goods, like this easy banana bread. This sugary fruit will infuse the right amount of natural sweetness and will add flavour to your desserts. Replace the classic yellow banana in your smoothies or use to flavour yogurt: great results guaranteed!

If you don’t know red banana carries lesser calories as compared to other fruits. It is rich in fibre and can keep you full for a longer time. One red banana carries 90 calories, good carbohydrates and fibre that can be easily broken down

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Guava (Psidium guajava) is valued for its delectable taste and aroma. Guava can be considered as the ‘apple of the tropics’ for its high vitamin C and mineral content. It is native to tropical America where it occurs wild. Early Spanish and Portuguese colonizers brought it to New World, the East Indies and Guam. It was soon adopted as a crop in Asia and in warm parts of Africa and is now widely grown all over the tropics and subtropics.


As a cheap nutritious fruit with a wide adaptability to diverse climatic and soil conditions, guava is an ideal crop to grow in developing countries.


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